First four-star hotel for Soweto

Soweto’s first four-star hotel is being developed as part of the Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication development in Kliptown according to Comtex news wire. The 46 luxury-room Freedom Square Hotel, which will also have two presidential suites, should open its doors at the end of October.

Steven Bagg, executive director of developers Zatic Group, says the shell of the hotel was built as part of Sisulu Square by the Johannesburg Development Agency and Blue IQ.

A tender was put out for the development of the hotel and the Freedom Square Hotel company’s proposal was accepted.

“A mock-up room should be complete by the end of next month, and will give us a base from which to work, ” says Bagg.

“There is huge confidence in the Soweto area, and the development around the Kliptown area boosts investor confidence,” he says.


The Industrial Development Corporation is funding the completion of the hotel facility, together with shareholders of the Freedom Square Hotel company, which include a community trust. A total of R23m is being invested in the development.