HCIMA unveils new look magazine

‘Hospitality’, the official magazine of the Hotel & Catering
International Management Association (HCIMA) has been re-launched with an
innovative new look whose mission is to advance learning and promote ‘best
practice’ within hospitality, tourism and leisure.The newly enhanced ‘Hospitality’ magazine also has new publication dates
- it will be published quarterly. The first such edition (pictured) was
published last month, and the ensuing issues will be published in June,
September and December/January.

“The new-look ‘Hospitality’ - edited by Matthew Moggridge (see profile
in ‘Note to Editors’) - will drive debate, challenge the industry,
enlighten the aspiring and promote innovation,” said HCIMA Director of
Marketing and Communications Petra Clayton AHCIMA. “We are proud to
produce a professional, intellectual and inspiring communication that
will prove a boon to our members across the globe and the industry


In addition to the quarterly ‘Hospitality’ magazine, the HCIMA produces
an independent newsletter, sent to members by post and digitally, to
cover the latest news and events in the intervening months.