Site offers travel advisory alert service

AllSafeTravels Inc. has launched its new, Web-based travel advisory alert service at service offers cautionary information to travelers about the countries they visit and gives travelers peace of mind when traveling to countries where health, political and extreme weather situations can change daily.

Unlike other travel advisory services, AllSafeTravels centralizes over 1000 advisories from governmental, commercial and other sources. The site is updated with new information every day. Unique to the industry, AllSafeTravels tracks and captures the actual advisory alterations, not just the fact that a change has occurred.

Travel advisory information at can be accessed by country, by region or by a keyword search. Users may also register their travel plans on the site and automatically receive advisories that apply to their trip. For a fee, users can access TripAlert, a service which sends e-mail updates of pertinent fast-breaking news to travelers until the date of their return.

AllSafeTravels was developed in response to the increasing risk to travelers of volatile health and political situations, such as civil unrest and the spread of Avian Flu. Everyday, there arise issues from hurricanes to bus driver strikes which can and will affect your travels.

AllSafeTravels founder and President Brian Campbell and his team spent the last eight months developing the service, and is very proud of the results. Campbell explains, “AllSafeTravels just may save someone’s life, and if it does, then it was worth it.”