Tourism board modifies Slovenia TV Ad

The Slovenian Tourism Board (STO) has modified

an advertisement promoting Slovenia as a tourist destination that will

start being aired on global news network CNN in May. The STO said it had considered “constructive criticism” in deciding to

change the logo and catch-phrase of the ad, which now reads “Slovenia. A Diversity to Discover”.

Moreover, the flower arrangement logo has been replaced by the Slovenian


flag as an interim solution.

According to the STO, the issue of the Slovenian tourism logo must sill be

worked out and the flag is an appropriate interim solution.

The changes were made at the recommendation of the Foreign Ministry after

the STO sought the opinion of interested government institutions.

Slovenian Tourism Board (STO) has said the ad would be aired on CNN

International Europe at least five times a day until 15 June and then

again in September and October.

The ad, which was directed by Jasna Hribernik, used existing video

material. The total cost of making and airing stand at SIT 187m (EUR


According to STO director Barbara Guncar, the ad is just the first step in

a series aimed at promoting Slovenia as a tourist destination.