Tourists killed in Egypt resort bombings

Three bombs rocked the Egyptian resort of Dahab during the early evening on Monday killing 23 people, three foreign tourists have died.

The explosions hit a bustling area popular with backpackers and divers.

“A million tourists create 80,000 new jobs, so you can understand why people are furious about it,” Zoheir Gharana, Minister of Tourism told the BBC news.

Most of those who died are thought to have been Eygptian, but it is known that two British people are among the injured.

It occurred when many people would have been out in cafes and restaurants.


Dahab is a popular resort and had foreigners and Egyptian visitors, who were celebrating the long Coptic Christian Easter weekend that coincided this year with Shem Nessim - holiday marking the first day of spring.

This is the third terror strike on a Sinai resort in the past two years. The attack came at the height of the tourist season.

Dahab is located on the Gulf of Aqaba on the eastern side of the Sinai Peninsula, near the border at the southern tip of Israel. Dahab is 350 kilometres southeast of Cairo.

The bombing comes as government officials in Egypt confirmed that visitor numbers to the country are increasing dramatically.

This has been in part due to Gulf Arabs who make their way to the region’s largest country for short breaks designed to take advantage of the shopping on offer.