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Herman Thuy, founder of, is introducing an industry-first new deal to all hotels worldwide fed up with remaining invisible on the Web. According to the company, for a flat annual fee of €365 hotels immediately achieve guaranteed global exposure, each and every time travellers select the hotel’s city, or related cities, as their destination.

According to a 2500 market survey, the number 1 challenge almost all hotels are faced with is: “travellers cannot find us on the Web”. Many hotels do not yet have a website, and those having one remain hidden down below in endless search engines’ listings.  Jupiter Research reports that search users give up at page three!
“Travellers start every search with a destination, so all a hotel needs to do is to make sure it shows up on, the travellers’ favorite one-stop source for dynamic hotel information” said Herman Thuy. “’s unique business model, commission-free with guaranteed exposure, enables especially the independent and smaller hotels to move their business online at the lowest possible cost, with immediately improved occupation rates and higher margins” he added.’s innovative approach is simple: no agents, no commissions, no booking fees, no search-engine-placement auctions, no favoritism, no cost-per-click bidding, no privacy-invading pre-registrations, no credit card pre-payments, no wide-angle pictures of the lobby or of the largest suite, but very user-friendly single-glance comparability of hotels per destination, reliable testimonials, open-access phone details, pre-filled fax or email forms, and direct clickthrough to any hotel worldwide. is surprisingly fast notwithstanding its rich content.
According to, the days of the agent model are numbered. “Why hoteliers still prefer to discount not only their room rates but also their brand and image, and continue to hand over up to 45% of their revenue to agents they no longer need, remains a mystery to me” Thuy said.
A PhocusWright report says “many hotels now offer better deals than agents and even assign better rooms to customers who book direct! “.
A recent USNews report says: “many agents immediately charge the traveller’s credit card, even issue a reservation number, but often only pass the booking on to the hotel 72 hours before arrival time. The prepaid room may not be available, and travellers end up being referred to alternative accommodation if at all”
Thuy added: “Indeed, many online agents have now such a bad reputation that they have to resort to empty statements like ‘guaranteed room rates’ and other nonsense as damage control.
The world over travellers become aware of the pitfalls and costs of dealing with agents. Smart travellers learned that only the hotel can issue a reliable booking confirmation, and therefore insist on direct contact with the hotel(s) they themselves selected.