Delta pilots edge towards agreement

The governing body of the Delta
pilots’ union, the MEC, voted to ratify the Bankruptcy Restructuring
Tentative Agreement, moving it to the pilot membership for a vote in late
May.The MEC spent three days deliberating and receiving presentations from
union experts, negotiators and legal counsel. Membership voting will take
place from mid-May and continue through the end of the month.
  The agreement is the product of complicated financial negotiations
between Delta and its pilots and the end result is evidence of the
different goals pursued by each side over the course of negotiations.
  The Delta MEC believes this agreement provides Delta with the relief it
needs to successfully restructure, while providing the Delta pilots with
enhanced job security and the potential to share in the company’s future
success as it emerges from bankruptcy.
  MEC Chairman, Captain Lee Moak, stated in a letter to the Delta pilots
on Friday, April 21, 2006 that the goal of the Delta pilots throughout the
Chapter 11 process was to, “reach a consensual agreement that will lead to
our working for a profitable airline with long-term viability that protects
the major terms of our contract and that provides strong returns for our
sacrifices. I believe this agreement meets that goal.”