Moneasa spa gets 4 mn euro boost

At the famous Romanian spa of Moneasa, north-west of Bucharest, a four million euros project for upgrading the infrastructure will be started.Romania’s government has allocated 915,251 euros to the project, the Arad County Council and the Moneasa Local Council 417,654 euros.

“All the approvals from the users have been received by now, and after the documentation part is ready, the execution phase will follow,” president of Arad County Council Iosif Mantula told Rompres.

The project aims at the construction of a tourist information center, the modernization and the rehabilitation of the water supply system and the sewerage and the construction of a new water treatment plant. The soccer pitch will be modernized and new handball, volleyball, basketball and tennis fields will be arranged.

Moneasa spa benefits from a moderate hillside climate; summers are pleasant (with the July average temperature standing at 20 degrees Celsius), while winters are mild (January average temperature - one degree Celsius), with a markedly ionic air.

The springs of bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium, soda waters are recommended in the treatment of degenerative rheumatic diseases (simple, uncomplicated forms of cervical, lumbar and dorsal spondylosis), peripheral and central nervous system diseases (paresis, sequels of poliomyelitis), gynecological diseases, metabolic and nutrition diseases (diabetes mellitus, obesity), etc. Trips can be made to the Cave of Bats, the ruins of the Dezna medieval fortress (13th century), or to the Boroaia waterfall.