Swiss men woo World Cup widows

The Swiss Tourist Board has employed scenes of bare-chested young men and others in uniform to entice women who may bored, left out or without a holiday because of this summer’s FIFA World Cup. “Well ladies, how about spending the summer of 2006 in a place where men are not so much interested in football as in making a fuss of you - in the Swiss Alps, for example?” is the tagline.

The Website,, offers golf sessions and glacier adventures to relaxing weekend breaks and shopping.

Mr Switzerland is pictured in an advert with the slogan: “Girls, why not escape the World Cup to a country where men spend less time on football and more time on you?”

A spokesman for Swiss Tourism told the UK’s Daily Telegraph newspaper that “some men have already taken the hint and booked holidays in Swiss hotels for their wives.”

The Swiss team has qualified for the tournament for the first time since 1994.


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