Shanghai hotels unveils Lifestyle Butler Service

As an extension of the St. Regis butler service, the St. Regis Hotel, Shanghai recently launched “Lifestyle Butler Service” for guests who are fond of exploring the art world in Shanghai.
As there is a growing interest in Chinese arts and artists, St. Regis Hotel, Shanghai has developed a very exclusive art exploration program for guests, escorted by hotel’s butlers, to meet local artists personally and visit their studios or their private viewings at galleries or museums which are not open to the public.

“Our aim is to provide the most personalized service to our guests and the opportunity for them to explore the Shanghai art community. We want to make their entire trip unforgettable from the hotel they stay to the places they visit. More importantly, we provide a platform to promote and support local artists and an opportunity for art lovers to meet their favorite artists. Recently, we have a number of guests who love contemporary Chinese artists and would want to purchase art works from Shanghai. Our lifestyle butlers escorted them to visit the artists’ home and see their works. We will continue to work with the local art community in order to provide the best to our guests,” said Mr. Charles Abbott, General Manager of St. Regis Hotel, Shanghai.