JR Hotels in marketing drive

Japan’s JR Hotel Group has taken a step in marketing its hotels by choosing to move 40 properties to the Utell by Pegasus representation service.With this announcement, the JR Hotel Group also extends its agreement for seven hotels that already use the Utell service. As a result, these 40 additional properties will have a much higher profile worldwide—exposed to far more travel agents and consumers worldwide, giving them an opportunity to increase bookings and be more competitive. Pegasus Solutions made the announcement today with JR Hotel Group, which is part of the Japan Railway Group. Dallas-based Pegasus Solutions is a global leader in providing technology and services to hotels and travel distributors.

Under the agreement, a total of 48 JR Hotels will now use the Utell by Pegasus service, a sevenfold increase for JR Hotels. The properties will be available on the global distribution systems (GDSs) and on more than 1,000 Web sites around the world. JR Hotels have used the Utell service since 1995.

Additionally, JR Hotel Group has signed an agreement to use the PegsTour service, which aids hotels by automating bookings from Pegasus’ participating tour operators and wholesalers, whether they are for contracted allocations or request bookings.

“After having seven properties represented by Pegasus, we understand the potential for increased revenue and absolutely believe in the value of the Utell by Pegasus service,” said Mr. Hiroshi Okawa, president of JR Hotel Group. “We offer Japan Rail Passes to tourists worldwide, but the majority of our properties were not available to travel agents and consumers to be booked electronically. Now with this new relationship with Pegasus, all of the JR Hotel Group Hotels will be available to an enormous global audience—giving us a distinct competitive advantage. We also expose these hotels to more wholesale business opportunities by participating in the PegsTour service.”

“With Pegasus’ global expertise, the Utell by Pegasus service gives hotels strong relationships with travel agencies and Web sites around the world—helping them to increase sales exponentially,” said Mr. Olivier Dombey, Pegasus’ vice president of sales and account management for Asia-Pacific. “In addition to its expertise, Pegasus offers its network of reservation call centers, marketing opportunities, technology tools, revenue management and competitive intelligence.”