One Charter seeks flotation

One Charter, an aircraft chartering, brokerage and management service has announced its intention to float on Ofex.Chief Executive Officer, Mike Ryan, (43), has 19 years’ experience in
the aviation industry spanning from British Aerospace to private aircraft
charter companies.
  One Charter’s strategy is to capture a large proportion of new entrants
to the emerging market for private air travel (business jet deliveries
increased by 25 per cent. in 2004). The Company offers an innovative
pricing approach that takes advantage of the lowering costs of chartered
and private flying. With costs at around GBP400 per person per hour, flying
small groups of passengers is becoming more affordable.
  By April 2008, the Company aims to manage and own six aircraft, (two
Piaggio P180 Avantis and four very light jets).
  Mike Ryan, the Company’s CEO, says: “I am delighted to be part of this
exciting market. I believe this flotation will provide the opportunity to
take advantage of the decreasing costs of being able to own or fly in your
own private jet with all the advantages of time, schedule, security,
personal experience, private terminals and value for money for private
aircraft travellers.
  We aim to provide direct access to those who have not realised that
being able to own or charter one’s own private airplane is becoming more
and more accessible.”