goes live

OneLink Corporation has announced that its CCRA business unit has completed the final phase of the initial roll out of its portal. Over the last week, member agents of its seven travel agent consortia and travel trade association clients have been actively booking lodging arrangements for their clients at destinations worldwide and receiving their commissions up-front for the first time ever. is built on OneLink’s exclusive transaction processing platform, and also contains advanced functionality and content aggregation features not found in other systems.
“With this rollout, thousands of North American travel agents can now book accommodations for their clients with the assurance that they have access to the most competitive rates and will receive commissions for their service without a delay or collection effort,” said Bill Guerin, Chairman and CEO of OneLink Corporation. “The introduction of the OneLink technology that powers CCRA’s portal is a major milestone for OneLink Corporation, and presents the opportunity for travel agents and travel vendors to enjoy both new revenue streams and reduced costs of doing business.”
The portal went live several days before this announcement, but OneLink elected not to announce the breakthrough until each of CCRA’s initial consortia and trade association partners were successfully connected to the system and actively using it. Those partners include: IT Group,, OSSN, NACTA, WESTA, Cruise Shoppes and the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA). With the completion of the initial roll-out, 24,000 North American travel agencies, representing over $30 billion in retail travel sales, can now log on to the portal and book from an inventory of 80,000 hotels provided by lodging suppliers that include, amongst others, Amadeus and