WebTrends enjoying strong demand

WebTrends has announced that a number of leading travel companies have adopted WebTrends analytics solutions to measure and optimize the performance of their marketing and web site initiatives.These include leading organizations such as AAA, Air Europa, Carnival Cruise Lines, CheapCaribbean.com, CheapTickets, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Flybe.com, Hilton Hotels Corporation, La Quinta Corporation, Lufthansa, Mark Warner Ltd, SAS, Sandals Resorts, Site59, STA Travel, Swiss International Air Lines, Ryanair and Virgin Atlantic Airways.
Operating in one of the most competitive industries in the world, a growing number of leading business and leisure travel companies are turning to web analytics to prove and improve results from online and offline campaigns, and to increase online travel bookings. With many travel businesses operating multi-language sites that produce a large percentage of business revenue online, it is crucial to have an in-depth understanding of visitor behavior and preferences across geographic regions. Senior travel marketers are demanding both easy-to-understand and highly customizable reporting to enable speedy evaluation and strategic decision-making on the effectiveness of multi-million dollar campaigns.
WebTrends strong market leadership in this category is yet another indication of its ability to provide travel companies with unique insight into critical online information. For example, WebTrends 5-Point Scenario Analysis is uniquely suited for the dynamic, non-linear conversion processes of most travel companies, where visitors may enter the booking process from any number of points including campaign landing pages, frequent flyer programs, or directly from marketing partners and can easily skip or jump around checkout steps process, adding flights, hotels, or car rentals. With WebTrends dynamic scenario analysis, one funnel can show all of this dynamic behavior including abandonment paths, which are critical clues for conversion optimization.
In addition, easy-to-use features such as WebTrends SmartView allow travel businesses to easily evaluate page real estate and optimize link prominence and content and promotion effectiveness, while understanding how page and behavior and conversion varies by visitor segment on the fly.
“With travel consumers demanding more and more online self-service options, understanding visitor behavior on our site is absolutely critical,” said Brian Beirne, head of e-commerce for Virgin Atlantic Airways. “With WebTrends analytics we can get an accurate view on how marketing campaigns have performed from initial clickthrough to online booking. This, coupled with accurate reporting on geographic trends and visitor behavior over time, allows us to optimize content and process flows to ensure ease of use and visitor satisfaction.”
Travel-oriented businesses often host the most complicated web sites on the Web in terms of the sophistication of web analytics needed due to the complexity of the number of flight routes, accommodations and destinations available. WebTrends’ ability to provide easy-to-use, wizard-driven Custom Reports to create new measures and compare new reporting dimensions, enables marketers to answer highly specific questions about user behavior and conversion activity. Additionally, building off of travel customers’ successes with the company’s first data warehouse offering, WebTrends Intelligence Suite, the recently launched WebTrends Marketing Warehouse offers marketers unlimited exploration and segmentation of unique visitor-level data and offline and online customer events to drive highly targeted and relevant relationship marketing.
“For many travel companies, online bookings can account for the majority of their business’ revenue, and WebTrends has a deep appreciation of the unique challenges they face as a result of our expertise in tailoring web analytics and key performance indicators to suit their specific needs,” commented Greg Drew, WebTrends CEO and president. “We are chosen repeatedly by leading businesses in this sector, and we are looking forward to continuing to build our presence through the industry’s most actionable web analytics, as well as new relationship marketing capabilities offered by the WebTrends Marketing Lab family.”