MAXjet figures help build confidence

The all-business-class airline, MAXjet is reporting high load factors and strong passenger confidence, supported by the airline’s first passenger survey.The airline recently announced its highest load factors to date since MAXjet began service in November 2005. MAXjet now provides service from both New York and Washington D.C. to London.

At the end of March, for the first time ever, all 102 MAXjet seats were full on the New York flight. On average, loads for March were more than 50% with the latter part of the month coming in at nearly 70%. Bookings for April indicate that the New York route will average at 70% load factors for the month, with bookings for May and June also looking strong. MAXjet recently launched its inaugural four times weekly flight from Washington D.C. to London on April 3, in addition to the six times weekly service from New York to London. The Washington route is still gaining ground, and MAXjet is confident in its success with strong future bookings for May and June.

“There has been a great deal of speculation about the success of our business model, but the figures speak for themselves,” said MAXjet’s CEO Gary Rogliano. “We have managed to build up our loads as quick, if not quicker, than any airline developing a new international route. We are currently negotiating for our third and fourth planes to expand the MAXjet fleet. We are very confident. Not only do our future bookings illustrate our growing success, the quality of our product is also endorsed by the positive results from our first passenger survey. Some 87% of our customers found the experience to be very good or excellent, and 95% of passengers said they would likely fly with us again.”

The passenger survey also highlights that 96% of travelers thought the service was either what they expected or better than they expected, and 91% of those questioned felt that MAXjet was delivering on the promise to provide value-driven, all-business-class travel. Some 98% of passengers said they would recommend MAXjet to others.