Egyptian campaign to light up ATM

With record-breaking global tourism figures propelling Egypt into its seventh millennia, the country is set to introduce an all new approach to marketing itself at this year’s annual Arabian Travel Market.Last year Egypt received a record-setting 8.6 million tourists and is experiencing growth of up to 60% in some Middle Eastern markets alone.

The ‘Nawart Masr’ (‘You Light Up Egypt!’) campaign comes as the successor to the much praised ‘Ebtesamet Misr Ma Tetneseesh’ campaign which was present throughout the Middle East last year.

The new campaign - which is expected to contribute to more than 30% growth among Middle Eastern holidaymakers visiting Egypt each year - puts Arab visitors at the centre of its appeal, drawing on the Egypt’s natural beauty, culture, entertainment, and food to remind Gulf, Levant, and North African Arabs why they fell in love with Egypt the first time they visited, while highlighting all that is new and exciting.

“Egypt is proud to show its new face at Arabian Travel Market 2006, because we have so much of which to be proud - new hotels, new restaurants, new airports, new residential tourism offerings, even new ancient treasures which have recently been discovered,” said Ahmed El Khadem, Chairman of the Egyptian Tourist Authority.

“But, of course, we have retained all of the culture and hospitality that has made Egypt one of the world’s top tourist destinations, as well as a firm favourite within the Middle East region,” El Khadem added.


Famed for its rich ancient history, its pristine shorelines along the Red Sea Riviera and Mediterranean coasts, and the cosmopolitan grandeur of Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt is taking new initiatives to extend to the world a diverse offering of excitement and variety for holidaymakers year-round.

Setting Egypt and the tourism focused Nawart Masr brand and campaign apart from the many countries seeking to gain market share this year at ATM is a focus on the dynamic new side of Egyptian tourism which includes shopping, entertainment, health and wellness retreats, and residential tourism among its key attractions, all of which has helped to increase the number of visitors to Egypt in 2005.

Together with H.E. Zoheir Garannah, Egypt’s Minister of Tourism, Ahmed El Khadem, Chairman of the Egyptian Tourist Authority, will lead an impressive Egyptian delegation to the annual Dubai ATM event.

The Egyptian Tourist Authority will also conduct a nine-country road show throughout the Middle East where top Egyptian tourism officials will interact with tour operators, members of the media and holidaymakers planning to come to Egypt.