Flight Centre launches Round the World division

Flight Centre UK is launching its first dedicated round the world team who
will specialise in selling round the world itineraries for the Flight
Centre and Student Flights retail brands.
The division is due to launch in May 2006 and the company is currently
looking to recruit four people who have the knowledge and experience to be
able to put together these often complicated fares. The team will be based
at the company’s new Student Flights store in Marble Arch that opened on 3
April 2006.

Mark Richards, brand manager for Student Flights and Round the World said:
“We need people who have excellent product knowledge as many round the
world fares will involve using multiple airlines and air passes for the
best routing and value.

“Applicants also need to be well travelled because round the world
itineraries usually include stops in many and varied places, often way off
the beaten track. We anticipate that people will have around five years
travel industry experience and are looking to become a specialist in this
exciting and under developed market”

Jared Baker, head of retail at Flight Centre said: “It is important for
Flight Centre to have a dedicated team selling round the world fares as
this market is becoming increasingly important for us as a long haul

“These days round the world trips are not just limited to gap year
students, there’s also people in their 30s and 40s taking career breaks
who will benefit from advice from well travelled people who work for a
global company”.