Stuff site targets bachelor market

Stuff magazine and
Key2Travel, a premier concierge service, have launched Stuff VIP Travel.The troubles of planning a “Boys
Weekend” in Las Vegas and other hot destinations around the country are now

The site will act as a young guy’s own
luxury concierge service and will offer the ultimate bachelor experience;
focusing on nightlife, adventures, golf, and dining.
  “Young men have always looked for an easy way to celebrate their
freedom,” said John Lumpkin, Publisher, Stuff magazine. “For the first time
ever, young men will have an opportunity to live a life ripped from the
pages of Stuff magazine with the help of a professional concierge service
and our readers will be able to book a trip that they have just read about
in the pages of the magazine. Stuff VIP Travel will be a great resource for
all young men looking for a one-stop solution to the nightmares of planning
a trip.”
  Erick Rodriguez, Chairman, President and CEO, Key2Travel said, “From
planning a golf outing to dining at the finest restaurants and partying at
some of the hottest clubs, we are here to plan an unforgettable experience
guys can then brag about to their friends.”
  Stuff VIP Travel will offer party planning information and concierge
services in the top U.S. destinations with international expansion
scheduled for later in 2006. The site will provide users with the ability
to book hotels and vacation packages, flights, entries into nightclubs,
exclusive restaurants and secure concert tickets. Stuff VIP Travel will
also feature:
  —Stuff Party Planner: Plan a trip and send an invitation to friends to
join the party. This feature allows them to pay their own portion of
the trip eliminating the chasing of checks, dividing up a credit card
bill and other headaches.

  —Vegas Stag Party: Treat your soon-to-be-married pal with a “custom
made” ultimate bachelor weekend

  —Featured Events: Attend some of the hottest events of the month
including NASCAR races and Ultimate Fight Nights

  —Weekend Warrior: Get a taste of what Mario Andretti has experienced as
a race car driver, drink yourself “Sideways,” or experience some other
must-do adventures


  —Hype: Dine at a famous restaurant, see an unforgettable show or party
like a celebrity behind the velvet ropes at some of the most exclusive
clubs around the country