Gulf tourists to Korea rises by 20%

The Korean Tourist Authority revealed a marked increase in the number of Gulf tourists to Korea during the year 2005, which reached 20%. Confirming the expected rise of this figure, Middle Eastern tourists who had visited Korea elevated to reach more than 52 thousand during the previous year encouraging the Authority to expand its promotional activities in the region.

In an effort to further appeal to potential travelers from the Arabian Gulf, a campaign has been launched that will highlight the most prominent tourist attraction factors that Korean cities boast and that will make them the preferred tourist destination for visitors from all over the world.

These plans were announced at a party the Korean Tourist Office in Dubai had held to honor the winners in the Arabic version of the Korean web site, in the Dubai International Trade Center. In attendance with the winners were VIPs, journalists and reporters where the winners from across the Arab world, representing the countries they were from.

Commenting on this marked increase, Mr. Lee Chang Young, Regional Manager of the Korean Tourist Authority said “In the light of the changes on the international arena that positively reflected on tourism to our country, Korea today is a suitable and great alternative for the tourists from the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf in particular.”

“Our nation enjoys good relations with the Arab and Gulf countries despite the tension points and catastrophes, visitors from both regions are still traveling and taking pleasure from the beauty that our countries have to offer. We are happy that our visitors from the Middle East are experiencing our many tourist destinations, breathtaking natural sites and world-class services.”


This increase in tourism is an expected result given the number of factors and facilities the Korean Government has committed to making travel to the country easier, which include the liberalizing of visa formalities. This relaxing of procedures and requirements now allow most Arab nationals to be exempted from having to apply for visas and can allow them to take advantage of free tourist services offered to tourists round-the-clock.

The tourism sector is considered one of the most eminent economic sectors in the economy of Korea that helps rank the country as the world’s twelfth largest economy in terms of the international commerce size, advanced information technology and cities.