Expodition site targets pod users

With the summer holiday season fast approaching, Expodition is being launched and introduces a new type of content designed for
iPods called Pod SnapShots.
Thanks to Expodition, travellers planning their expeditions to the UK
can download a tailor-made Pod SnapShot covering the area they’ll be
visiting on to their iPod for viewing when they arrive. Pod SnapShots
(PSS) take the mantle from Podcasts and RSS feeds with individually
tailored and delivered content.

Visitors to the Expodition website can set up a profile of themselves -
including their favourite food and whether they like visiting museums,
night clubs, pubs, wine bars, theatres, cinemas, etc. The visitor can
then create a PSS for a specific place by entering a UK post code. The
Pod SnapShot contains information relevant to the visitor’s profile -
for example, if the profile says shopping, eating Thai food and dancing
are favourite pastimes, then the PSS will include details of Thai
restaurants, shopping facilities and nightclubs near the intended

Pod SnapShots also contain general information about the chosen area
such as nearby tourist information, transport links, local taxis and
mini cabs, hotels, banks, cash points, bureaux de change, eating and
drinking, etc.

Rod Cambridge, founder of Expodition, comments: “With Expodition, we
wanted to provide a service that works with a device many travellers
can’t bear to be without. On a recent trip to the US, I was surprised by
the number of people I saw in the airport using iPods. With Pod
SnapShots, people can accumulate first hand knowledge of a particular
destination and its amenities and attractions before they even get
there. We hope the service will appeal to tourists and also people
living in and travelling around the UK.”

A PSS Directory on the Expodition website allows tourists and travellers
to download Pod SnapShots which they will find useful on their travels,
free of charge. These SnapShots contain information such as opening
times and entry costs for popular attractions, stores and venues, as
well as other information that will help plan a visit. The directory is
growing continuously and even contains a PSS on the London Congestion
Charge so tourists reach the capital prepared.


Pod SnapShots work with all iPods that use the Notes feature. This
includes iPod mini, nano, photo, video and 3rd generation iPods. iPod
Shuffle and older iPods that do not use Notes are not supported.