launches new desktop tours

Plans have been finalized to include a link from Hyatt that will enable Hyatt web visitors to download VT360’s new desktop tours.The link will be active within the “meeting section” of each property’s individual web site, directly on

The desktop tour falls in line with Hyatt’s intelligent rich media selections and will add abundant information to an exciting new virtual tour format including professional voice narration.

“Hyatt has always been one of the industry’s forward thinker, and adding our new format to their site is a testament to the quality of their rich media.” said Brian Stearns, CEO VT360.” The properties have propelled this production with a high level of enthusiasm. Their initial reaction to the desktop tour has been great!” added Stearns.

Earlier this year, VT360 formed an exclusive relationship with HoldCom a voice production studio based in New Jersey. The 2 companies have been working together to produce the industry’s best virtual tour product.

In addition to voice, VT360’s desktop tours feature interactive property maps and stunning full-screen high resolution panoramic photography.


“VT360’s new Desktop Tour is amazing! The voice is crystal clear and enhances the tour with abundant information… Their shoot was great, went very smooth and VT360’s new full-screen images really bring you closer to being inside my hotel. Great work!” Said Michael Newman, Director of Sales & Marketing Grand Hyatt New York.

“VT360 was awesome to work with! I love my new Desktop Tour; it will be a huge addition to our marketing material. The quality of voice, music and full-screen images add up to a terrific package that truly brings out the feel of Hyatt Hill Country. VT360’s Shots are really great!” said Melody Campbell-Goeken Director, Public Relations Hyatt Hill Country Resort and Spa.