PATA host media exchange

The first Pacific Asia Media Exchange (PAMEX) is all set to take place June 14 at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel at Los Angeles Airport. The
new event was formally announced by Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Regional
Director-North America Mr Jim Ferguson.

Mr Ferguson said: “We’re inviting more than 100 writers, editors and broadcasters to
meet one-on-one with representatives of our PATA-member destinations, as well as
with representatives of emerging regions, leading tour operators, attractions and
industry suppliers.”

Expanding media coverage of Asia Pacific destinations has been vital to the
impressive increase in US visitors to the region over the past five years, Mr
Ferguson said. “We’re out to accelerate that process and to generate more contacts,
stories and broadcasts about Asia Pacific’s diverse destinations through PAMEX.”

PATA President and CEO Mr Peter de Jong said: “The free-flow of information between
media and exhibitors at PATA events is a proven formula to accelerate market growth.
Through PAMEX, we hope to actively encourage arrivals growth from the US to the rest
of the Asia Pacific region.”

PAMEX is designed as a business forum of structured one-on-one appointments. Each
exhibitor will be assigned a table and will meet up to 20 journalists in a day-long
series of 15-minute interviews. A lunch and networking coffee breaks will also be