Aussie ad campaign is working

Tourism Australia’s new advertising campaign, ‘So, Where The Bloody Hell Are You,’ is generating not just headlines but real business in the United States, according to TA’s Vice President, The Americas, Michael Londregan. “More than 82 thousand unique visitors followed the ads’ call to action and went to last week to find out more about vacationing Down Under,” Mr Londregan said. “That’s a massive 49 percent increase on average weekly visitation.”
“Most importantly, we know that when we get a consumer onto the website we greatly increase the odds of turning them into real sales leads for our industry partners.”
Mr Londregan said last week’s sales lead count was also the single highest for the year so far.
“That is remarkable when you consider that we are at the tail end of the traditional marketing ‘season’ for us in the US. That we’re recording a record figure in April proves the campaign is not only resonating with consumers but is also strong enough to get the market to do something it’s normally not doing at this time of year—and that’s enquiring about an Australian vacation.”
Leads generated by Tourism Australia marketing are handled by a group of wholesale and retail travel agents who qualify as partners for Tourism Australia’s cooperative marketing with Qantas Airways.
Tourism Australia’s ‘So, Where The Bloody hell Are You’ advertising is currently running on network and cable television in key markets across the US, including ratings busters like NBC’s “Today Show,” Jay Leno and ABC’s “Lost” as well as on high profile internet sites and in travel magazines.