Travelzoo sends subscriber into space

Travelzoo has celebrated reaching the milestone of 10 million
subscribers to its publications by sending its 10 millionth subscriber into
space.Matthew Wagner from Santa Fe Springs, California, was presented a
ticket for a suborbital spaceflight by Travelzoo Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer, Ralph Bartel. The ticket was presented aboard a zero
gravity preparation flight over Cape Canaveral, Florida. Wagner is the 10
millionth subscriber to Travelzoo publications.

Wagner, an industrial real estate broker, became Travelzoo’s 10
millionth subscriber when he signed up for the company’s U.S. Top 20
e-mail newsletter. Travelzoo handpicks the hottest travel deals and
publishes them every Wednesday in its Top 20 e-mail newsletter.
  “My dad is a big fan of Travelzoo’s Top 20 and he recommended that I
sign up for it. I had no idea that I’d get a once in a lifetime opportunity
like this. I can’t believe it!” said Wagner, the 10 millionth subscriber.
“The zero gravity flight was a great way to prepare for my space trip and I
am so excited about being on a suborbital flight.”
  “We are thrilled to celebrate the fact that Matthew is our 10 millionth
subscriber and award him with this fantastic prize,” said Ralph Bartel. “We
are very proud of achieving this milestone for our publications. Space is
the next travel frontier and we wanted to provide our subscriber with the
newest form of travel.”
  The suborbital spaceflight prize given to Wagner will allow him to
experience weightlessness and view the Earth from 62 miles. The spaceflight
will be operated by Space Adventures. The flight is expected to take
place in 2008.
  To give Wagner a taste of what the feeling of weightlessness will be
like and for the official presentation of his ticket to space, Travelzoo
chartered a zero gravity preparation flight (also known as parabolic
flight) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Zero gravity flight is used by
astronauts to train for space missions and was used for the weightless
scenes in the movie ‘Apollo 13’.