Maybourne Hotels in online drive

Maybourne Hotel Group, owner and operator of The Berkeley, Claridge’s and The Connaught is launching four websites in a bid to emphasize the hotels individual personalities.
Designed by the digital agency Millini the sites also offer significant logistical improvements for customers and key hotel staff—notably a revolutionary high-speed booking system that can text details of reservations to mobile phones globally, making life easier for time-pressed business travellers.

A corporate website for Maybourne Hotel Group acts as a portal for the three additional websites, one for each of the individual hotels, and establishes itself as a one-stop shop for travelers internationally.

Antonio Mazzafera, Director of Marketing of Maybourne Hotel Group, said: “From the moment a visitor enters the websites, they experience the five-star credentials of our hotels and the superior quality they offer. Through the websites, we are able to reach a global audience. The new technology used will establish our new websites as cutting-edge in the industry and support our business strategy going forward.”

Richard Murray, e-Commerce Marketing Manager added: “The websites harness the latest technology to provide a totally new Internet experience for guests while improving the way our staff can interact with them, thus improving business efficiency.”

Mark Tipper, Head of Interactive at Millini, said: “We have created websites that communicate the tradition and heritage of these hotels in a contemporary way, all of which has strong appeal to international travellers.


“We have combined a high level of creativity with first-class technical expertise to deliver sites that will help underpin the long-term business objectives of Maybourne Hotel Group.”

The new sites went “live” on 7th April to enhance and support Maybourne Hotel Group’s launch and branding programme undertaken in 2005.