Survey: Family matters most to road warriors

When business travelers are not on the road, most want to spend time with their spouse or family. AmeriSuites and MasterCard International released a survey today, conducted by Find SVP, stating that if given a $20 MasterCard gift card for staying in a hotel, 60 percent of respondents would spend that money on their families or spouseswhile 33 percent would spend the gift card on themselves.

The survey results coincide with a promotion from AmeriSuites, a GlobalHyatt affiliate, and MasterCard International that awards a $20 MasterCardgift card to any guest who pays with his or her MasterCard card and stays aminimum of two nights at an AmeriSuites from now until June 15, 2006.

When respondents were given choices and asked how they would spend a $20MasterCard gift card on their families, an overwhelming majority respondedwith activities that would create family time together. Based on thechoices available to respondents, 55% said they would use the gift card ona family DVD and 16% said they would use the gift card on entrance to achildren’s museum.

Along the same lines, when given choices and asked how they would spend agift card for their spouse or significant other, most responded with anight out at the movies (46%), two-six oz. filet mignon steaks (31%) or abottle of wine (11%), all purchases that would lead to more time together.

“It is great to partner with MasterCard to give something back to ourcustomers,” said Amy Weyman, vice president of marketing for Hyatt HotelsCorporation. “There is no doubt that being away from family while onbusiness travel is challenging. Providing a gift card for our guests touse wherever MasterCard is accepted is a wonderful way for businesstravelers to put more funds towards family fun and excitement.”


According to a survey conducted by Deloitte & Touche in 2005, more than 38million business travelers have generated 210 million trips in recentyears, producing $153 billion in domestic traveler spending. TheAmeriSuites and MasterCard survey conducted by Find SVP showed that 33% ofrespondents have spent more than five days on business trips in the pastyear.

“Through this promotion, MasterCard aims to deliver on the things thatmatter most to our cardholders,” said Julie Blacklock, vice president,Global Travel & Entertainment, MasterCard International. “By offering busytravelers a gift card that can be used for a family movie night with a newDVD, or toward dinner for two, MasterCard hopes to help fuel family timetogether for AmeriSuites’ guests once they are home.”