Carpatair adopts SITA solutions

Carpatair is taking a large package of solutions from SITA’s Horizon
portfolio in a seven-year contract worth $10 million.

The company is investing in the complete automation of its passenger services and back
office functions in order to achieve significant savings in its annual GDS bill. 

The tailor-made package of Horizon solutions will enable the phased introduction of
e-ticketing, internet sales, on-line revenue management and enhanced passenger
revenue accounting with a clear target to boost revenues by 15% and to achieve
annual savings of $2 million on sales and distribution costs.


Nicolae Petrov, Carpatair CEO and President, said: “Last year we carried 390,000
passengers as we grew by 30% for the fifth successive year. SITA’s Horizon
portfolio recognises very clearly that passenger services and yield management are
the key to business transformation and the future of airline distribution. Carpatair
expects that Horizon will fuel our future growth and make us even more attractive to
the travelling public.”



“We have been very impressed with the results achieved by some non-legacy carriers
who have adopted SITA’s Horizon e-commerce platform particularly in the area of
self-service and on-line bookings. Direct online selling will help us reduce
distribution costs by up to $10 per ticket,” said Petrov.


Carpatair covers a network of 26 destinations in Germany, Italy, Romania, Moldova
and Ukraine with a fleet of 17 Saabs and Fokker planes. The airline’s hub is
Timisoara, Romania, from where it will soon be flying to Paris as well.


Ilya Gutlin, SITA Regional Vice President, said: “This seven-year agreement speaks
to the creativity at the heart of our Horizon portfolio which has great appeal for a
fast-growing airline like Carpatair. Horizon supports a comprehensive airline
distribution strategy that addresses self-service, yield and revenue management
across all sales channels and customer touch points.”.