SriLankan adapts to time change

The Sri Lankan government’s decision to turn the clock back by 30 minutes, thereby
reverting to the time zone GMT + 5 1/2 hours will only have an impact on
SriLankan Airlines operations into and out of Colombo.Departure and arrival times of flights into and out of Colombo will
advance by half and hour with effect from April 15th.

The first SriLankan Airlines flight to have a time change will be UL316
from Colombo via Singapore to Kuala Lumpur on 15th April 2006 . The
flight originally scheduled to depart from Colombo at 0035 on 15th April
will now depart at 0005 on 15th April (as per new time).


All SriLankan Airlines flight times into and out of its overseas
destinations will remain unchanged.



The airline is taking steps to change all systems based on GMT + 6
to GMT+5 1/2 hours to be in line with the time change.