Hotwire launches TV campaign

Hotwire is introducing a national television advertisement as part of its ‘Destination Hotwire’ campaign featuring deeply discounted hotel rates in major cities.
The 30-second spot titled ‘Four Stars’ shows how Hotwire delivers quality four-star hotels at two-star rates to price-sensitive travelers.  Hotwire can provide these deeply discounted rates to travelers because top hotels use Hotwire to fill their unsold rooms.

‘Four Stars’ highlights competitive rates and Hotwire’s savings on hotel rates in major cities such as Chicago and San Francisco.  The spot will air on more than 30 national cable networks including ESPN, TBS and USA.  The company will run additional iterations of the creative featuring its competitive rates in other highly desirable cities.

“At Hotwire, we understand our customers’ excitement when they get an amazing deal,” said Cheryl Law, VP of Marketing at Hotwire. “We’re giving consumers a glimpse of our consistently lower rates in popular cities to inspire bargain-hunting travelers to find and enjoy four-star hotels at low prices on Hotwire.”

Added Lucas Donat, CEO of Donat/Wald advertising: “Setting apart from the rest of the online travel category was our number one priority in creating ‘Destination Hotwire.’ The unique three-dimensional animation, graphic style, and messaging bring Hotwire’s travel deals to life and reinforce the brand’s unique value to consumers.”

Hotwire introduces the television spots as part of its ongoing ‘Destination Hotwire’ campaign that launched earlier this year, and includes a radio presence in local markets.