Survey: BA top for in-flight food

British Airways has been voted both top for in-flight food and number one choice for in-flight amenities overall in a survey of more than 2,300 travellers worldwide.
The survey was conducted by TripAdvisor, who asked travellers what they thought of in-flight amenities provided by airlines.
Thirty five percent of TripAdvisor respondents cited clean and roomy toilets as the most important comfort feature on board a flight, while 27 percent selected a clean blanket or pillow as their top priority. When asked what luxury they would be most likely to pay for, comfort was crucial as 54 percent of respondents picked larger seats and better legroom, and the second choice was a bed.
While Singapore Airlines came second for in-flight cuisine, American Airlines was nominated for serving the worst food.
It seems travellers are also health conscious. Bottled water was the most valued complimentary food or beverage, and fruits and vegetables was the second favourite option in the TripAdvisor survey.  When it comes to entertainment on board, a video screen at every seat was the most important feature, according to 47 percent of travellers.
When asked which airline offers the best amenities overall, British Airways finished number one worldwide, followed by Virgin Atlantic and Singapore Airlines. Budget airlines Ryanair, Southwest and EasyJet were named worst for in-flight amenities - probably as they do not give any.
TripAdvisor Inflight Amenities Survey Results

Top Five Comfort Features:

Clean and roomy toilet

Clean blanket/pillow

Noise-cancelling headphones

Toiletry kits

Anti-germ products
Top Five Entertainment Features:

Video screen at every seat

On-demand movies
Internet access
Real-time satellite TV
Top Five Complimentary Food/Beverage Choices:

Bottled water

Fruits and vegetables


Cheese and crackers

Top Five Luxuries Travellers Would Be Willing to Pay For:

Larger seats and better legroom

A bed

Gourmet cuisine


Gourmet coffee

Top Five Airlines for Best Amenities Overall:

British Airways

Virgin Atlantic

Singapore Airlines

Cathay Pacific


Five Worst Airlines for Amenities Overall: