Romania spa tourism brings in $122 mn

The spa tourism brought in 2005 revenues of some 90-100 million euros to private operators, with the turnover of the sector to rise 10% in 2006

The information came from the executive director of the Spa Tourism Employers’ Organization of Romania (OPTBR), Rodica Pencea.

“The turnover will go up some 5-10%, and if we succeeded in making the treatment services represent some 60% of price, then the potential of this sector will increase a great deal,” the OPTBR official told Rompres.

Currently, accommodation represents some 50% of the package of services, the meals - 40% and treatment services - only 10%.

“We have to draw structural funds and make projects to emphasize the quality of natural cure factors, the historic value of spas and the high training of the medical staff,” said Rodica Pencea.


Investments were made in renowned spas such as Govora, Sovata, Baile Herculane, Felix, Moneasa, Hebe, Vatra Dornei and Slanic Prahova and had in view both big infrastructure mare - hotels, restaurants, treatment complexes - and upgrades or purchases of equipment and staff training.

Romania owns a third of thermal and mineral springs in Europe. The accommodation capacity in the spas stands at some 40,000 places, the seaside excluded. If seaside were included, then the accommodation capacity of the spa sector would represent 20% of the entire accommodation capacity in Romania.