Premiere Global promise anywhere solutions

Premiere Global Services has introduced its PremiereAnywhere solutions that simplify and automate the mobile professional’s ability to conduct business on the go.With a history of bringing innovative solutions to the marketplace by leveraging its communication technologies platform, Premiere Global recognizes the needs of the millions of mobile professionals worldwide and has developed solutions that transform their PDA’s into portable offices.
The first solutions to be introduced include PrintAnywhere, Powered by PremiereSM, which enables printing of e-mails and attachments from a mobile device to any fax machine, and ConferenceAnywhere, Powered by PremiereSM, which allows users to conduct conference calls at the touch of a button.
?ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ PrintAnywhere solves one of the biggest challenges mobile workers face: how to print e-mails and attachments while out of the office.Ê PrintAnywhere enables users of mobile devices to print e-mails and more than 130 types of attachments to any fax machine anywhere in the world.Ê Printing is as easy as selecting the attachment and entering the number of any fax machine. Whether working from a hotel, airport, client site or other location, mobile professionals can now easily read and print documents without opening the attachment anywhere they have access to a fax machine. More information is available at
?ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ ConferenceAnywhere solves the challenge of juggling wallet cards or multiple devices while trying to conduct conference calls on the go.Ê ConferenceAnywhere enables users of mobile devices to initiate and control all aspects of a conference call including volume control, recording and adding participants—all with the click of a button. Whether dialing in from a car or other location or needing to quickly schedule a conference call while on the go, mobile workers no longer need to remember or keep track of lengthy phone numbers and passcodes.Ê More information is available at
“With more than 6 million people worldwide using wireless e-mail devices for business, enterprises need to allow their mobile employees to maintain productivity to stay competitive,” said Berge Ayvazian, Chief Strategy Officer, Yankee Group.Ê “PremiereAnywhere solutions will deliver enhanced productivity and a competitive edge to an increasingly mobile workforce.”Ê
“Road warriors rely on technology to enhance their productivity and flexibility wherever they are,” said Boland T. Jones, Chairman, Founder, and CEO, Premiere Global Services, Inc.Ê “Premiere Global continues to revolutionize productivity through patent-pending communication technologies that enable our customers to do more. PrintAnywhere and ConferenceAnywhere are prime examples of how innovative solutions can help enterprise customers simplify and automate business processes and communicate more effectively.”