Luggage free: An alternative to checking in

Choose a recent airline statistic: 10,000 lost bags a day, a 23% increase in the rate of lost suitcase reports. The list goes on, but the message remains the same—checking luggage on a flight is an inexact science at best. It doesn’t have to be that way. Specialty shipping companies such as Luggage Free are now offering an alternative to dragging bags to the airport and ultimately checking bags with the airlines. The door-to-door service retrieves luggage in advance of flights and delivers bags directly to a traveler’s destination thereby reducing many of the hassles of air travel—including the risk of lost luggage.

With services such as this, travelers are now able to travel to and from the airports without the stress of having to carry and check bags. Perhaps most importantly, travelers are also able to fly knowing their bags not only will not be lost, but that their bags are waiting for them at their ultimate destination before they’ve even departed.

“Most of the airlines we’ve met with have been extremely receptive to the concept,” says Jeff Boyd, President of Luggage Free. “Our service ultimately shortens their check-in lines and lowers total weight of the plane. From a traveler’s standpoint, you can’t beat knowing your luggage is in your hotel waiting for you before you’ve even boarded the plane. It’s truly a ‘win win’ for everybody involved.”

Price and advance planning are a consideration, but with overnight service for those in a hurry and a domestic ground service at $1 per pound for the cost conscious, most travelers can find a service that meets both their schedule and their budget.