Tourisme Montréal reveals ambitious plans

Tourisme Montréal has unveiled its new creative platform that will be featured in
all its promotional and advertising initiatives, and has announced
unprecedented investments in the promotion of tourism and business
travel to Montréal.In the coming year, Tourisme Montréal and its
partners will invest over $23 million in an advertising campaign that
targets several markets. In keeping with the new strategy, promotional
and hospitality materials have also been completely redesigned.

Brand Image: a key component of the strategic orientations for 2005-2010


“The new advertising campaign we are implementing is in keeping with the
overall strategic plan that Tourisme Montréal developed for 2005-2010,”
said Charles Lapointe, president and CEO of Tourisme Montréal. In
addition to portraying Montréal in a more contemporary light, our new
creative platform will make the tourist experience more tangible and
immediate. Each targeted market segment will have its relevant messaging
and campaign developed to fit with its geographical identity. We hope
that these approaches will result in enhanced awareness of our
destination and incite an increased number of travel commitments,” Mr.
Lapointe concluded.



Reflecting the reality of contrasts that is Montréal


The creative approach used for the tourism and business travel markets
transcends the existing brand image. Reflecting the contrasting nature
of Montréal, the creative platform emphasizes that the city is a unique
juxtaposition of European and North American cultures. It also
highlights the fact that Montréal is where sensuality, gourmet dining,
and romanticism blend seamlessly with efficiency, dynamism and
tolerance. By focusing on the dynamism of the passion and joie de vivre
that are signature elements of the Montréal experience, this approach
stands out from other advertising. As part of its campaign, developed in
conjunction with the agency Diesel, the destination’s unique logos-the
lips and use of the expression “à la”-have been rendered more
contemporary and relevant for today’s market.


New promotion and hospitality tools


Tourisme Montréal has completely redesigned its promotion and
hospitality tools, in keeping with this new campaign, in cooperation
with its new publisher EFF Communication Marketing. The Official
Montréal Tourist Guide now includes comprehensive information on
accommodations, restaurants, shopping, attractions and maps, and will be
published annually. The Calendar of Events will now be published
bi-monthly. “More attractive and user-friendly than ever, our new
tourism promotion and information tools will encourage visitors to
prolong their stay in Montréal, or may even convince them to choose
Montréal in the first place,” Mr. Lapointe noted.


Annual investment of over $23 million targeting various markets


As of April 15, 2006, all promotional, advertising and tourist
information intended for Tourisme Montréal’s markets will bear the new
colours of the Montréal destination. The creative platform unveiled
today will be launched in Canadian and North American markets, as well
as at new clienteles and markets like Mexico and Europe, in particular
France and the United Kingdom. During the next year, Tourisme Montréal
and its partners plan to invest over $23 million in these markets to
promote tourism and business travel. “This investment will better equip
Montréal to face increasingly fierce competition and counter the drop in
the number of American tourists that Canada has experienced since the
early 2000s, a decrease that may continue with the advent of an
obligatory passport,” Mr. Lapointe said.