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Cheapest drinks in Belfast? Greatest view of Florence? Best restaurant in
Amsterdam? Tickets to an Aussie rules game in Melbourne?’s Travel Guru is aiming to help.
As prospective explorers plan their summer vacations backpacking through
Europe, traveling through South America or simply going to Vegas for the
weekend, often their questions can pile higher than their luggage.

Luckily, the sage advice of a Travel Guru can lead even
the most befuddled traveler or penniless student through the murky fog
of vacation planning. Offering the insider’s scoop on the greatest
attractions that a city has to offer and the best way to see the world
on a budget, the Gurus allow every tourist to roam their alien
destination with the familiarity and knowledge of a weathered native.

From Antwerp to Zambia, has assembled a proficient team
of travel aficionados to dispense the information that they have spent a
lifetime—and a whole lot of frequent flier miles—accumulating:
safest routes to travel, places to avoid, spots you can’t miss, the best
deals and biggest rip-offs.