Abacus enhances passenger recall

Abacus International has made enhancements to its Passenger Name Record retrieval system that should improve customer information management and simplify the process for travel agents to search and recall passenger details in the Abacus System.
With the value-added upgrades in place, whenever a travel agent retrieves the PNR using the passenger’s name, the new search design will return a list of PNRs which exactly match the passenger’s name, or the leading characters in the search criteria. Additionally, all searches will be returned in alphabetical order regardless of the search criteria and will reflect the most current itinerary date of the first segment of the PNR.

Other enhanced features include a smart list of PNRs being returned to the agents when looking for passenger details - meaning that if the exact name list does not retrieve any matching bookings, the system will default to the current similar name list display, allowing travel agents to search the list for the closest matching details.

“Through these upgrades, Abacus travel agents will benefit from a smoother, faster information retrieval process - saving them money and improving the services they deliver to their travellers,” said Mr Brett Henry, Vice President, Centres of Excellence at Abacus International. “This is yet another example of how we are focused on working in partnership with our travel agents and the rest of the travel chain to ensure we are providing the best possible systems, reach and customer service throughout the region.”

Mr. Wang Cheng Chih, General Manager of Kelly Tours, Taiwan, welcomes the changes, “The upgraded PNR Retrieval system shows that Abacus is constantly keeping in touch with issues concerning travel agents and is dedicated in helping to make our jobs easier. With the enhanced features, the time taken to do a PNR search is reduced, significantly improving our efficiency and productivity”.