Residences open at Langham Place

This spring, Langham Place Hotel, Mongkok, Hong Kong, is introducing a brand new spa concept - the Chuan Residences.  Chuan Residences provide guests an all encompassing spa experience throughout their entire stay.  With spa - inspired interior design, the Chuan Residences, featuring the Infinity Suite, Nirvana Studio and Serenity Room, are the haven to peace and tranquility. 

Chuan Residences
Chuan Residences are located on the 40th level of the Hotel with a discreet VIP entrance to Chuan Spa. This allows you to float between your accommodation room and therapy room in complete privacy.

The Chuan Infinity Suite, one of the Chuan Residences, reveals Hong Kong’s first Infinity bath - an overflowing tub that combines a gentle whirlpool function with the concept of chromatherapy. You will experience a gentle caress from the pulsating bubbles while beams of alternating coloured light shine close to your body offering therapeutic value. Each colour of the spectrum has a special significance, violet can promote enlightenment, indigo has a calming effect and red energizes. You can stop on a particular colour or have the kaleidoscope gently pamper your body while the temperature in the bath being kept exactly as you like by the overflowing infinity function. The Infinity Suite also includes your own private steam room.

Other Chuan Residences include Chuan Nirvana Studio and Chuan Serenity Room where an oversized, Jacuzzi bath centrally located in the room replaced the infinity bath.