Iceland Express adds new web service

Iceland Express has added a new service to their Website; an integrated air travel solution.
Low-cost airline Iceland Express has licenced and launched a customised version of the flight planner for its website.

Iceland Express chief executive officer Birgir Jonsson said the airline considers the dohop solution as an interesting `low-fat’ alternative to the legacy airlines’ bulky integrated booking systems and “we think it’s very much in line with the low-cost concept”.

“Even though we don’t as yet have direct flights to Iceland from, say, France, Italy or Poland, we can help our customers in these countries find practical connecting flights to airports that we do serve,” says Jonsson.

The flight planner helps travelers find connecting flights to hundreds of destinations in addition to the ten destinations already served by Iceland Express. The flight planner includes information for more than 660 airlines worldwide and delivers results in seconds. It finds all possible flight connections that begin or end with an Iceland Express flight. Other key features are - Instant filtering and sorting by time of departure/arrival, duration, etc; Trace the flight route on a world map; Show ticket prices in any world currency; Provides links to hundreds of airline websites and leading online travel agents.

However, a release stated: “Despite making the planner available on its website, Iceland Express remains a strictly `point to point’ airline. Users are warned that Iceland Express does not guarantee transfer of passengers or their baggage and Iceland Express does not sell tickets with other airlines. Neither Iceland Express nor are responsible for connections that don’t work out as planned.”
“This is the birth of the low-cost flight connection a decentralized and efficient flight connection for both the industry and travelers,” said Frosti Sigurjonsson, general manager, “The traveler who is willing to take control and responsibility for his flight connections can save on travel time and fares.”


The founders of felt that there was a great need to aggregate all airlines into one planner to achieve improved routing efficiency. The flight planner combines flights from both low-cost airlines as well as other airlines to find the best flight connections possible. As the results often involve low-cost flights often finds much cheaper flight combinations than can be found elsewhere.
“With the old style “all inclusive” flight connection, the passenger’s luggage is checked through to the final destination and in the case of missed flights a refund or hotel stay may be available. This obviously costs the airlines money and is reflected in higher ticket prices. The new “low-cost connection” carries no such frills and no extra cost,” said Sigurjonsson.