China South launches seven overseas routes

China Southern Airlines has launched seven new international routes on April 3 in central China’s Henan Province.This brings its total domestic and international routes starting in Henan up to 10.

The 7 new routes are Zhengzhou-Los Angeles, Zhengzhou-Jakarta, Zhengzhou-Melbourne, Zhengzhou-Paris, Zhengzhou-Kuala Lumpur, Zhengzhou-Ho Chi Minh City and Zhengzhou-Penang.

Henan, a booming province in central China, has an aggravate economy exceeding 1 trillion yuan, ranking the 5 in China and 1 in central and western China. It is also a tourism attraction with tourists topping 100 million in 2005. With the Chinese government’s determination to “realize the rise of central-China provinces”, Henan’s economy will see further growth in the years to come. China Southern Airlines’ new international routes meet such a need and on the other hand, will benefit from such a move as economy of the province further grows.

Up to now, Southern Airlines has opened more than 20 international cruises including those from Wuhan and Zhengzhou, Xi’an, Chengdu, Chongqing, and Nanchang to Europe, the U.S, Australia and southeastern Asia.

Moreover, China Southern Airlines is also planning to launch direct flights from Henan’s Zhengzhou to Seoul, Nagoya and Amsterdam.