Jet2 boss in ‘lazy frogs’ jibe at French

The chairman of British low-cost carrier, has condemned French strikers by posting a message on the company’s website calling for “lazy frogs” to go back to work.

CEO Philip Meeson’s comments are illustrated by a toy frog reclining in front of an air traffic control tower.

The website posting can be seen here

Flights were grounded in France after air-traffic controllers proposed industrial action against plans to introduce contracts for under 26-year-olds that employers can terminate without explanation during a two-year trial period.

In the message published March 30, Meeson wrote: “ condemns French strike action and calls for lazy frogs to get back to work!.” He went on to say that he was “appalled and tired” of the industrial action.


In another entry Meeson posed a question to the strikers: “What exactly are you striking about? Or just in case you don’t understand that “pouvez-vous nous expliquer pourquoi exactement êtes-vous en grève…?”

Meeson’s remarks were widely reported in British newspapers Wednesday, yet were condemned by the French air traffic controllers’ union, who have called Meeson’s language “unacceptable”.

A CGT spokesman was quoted in the Daily Telegraph as saying: “If people in France do not agree with the government it is a very good reason (to strike).”

But, was unrepentant, telling the Daily Telegraph: “It was tongue in cheek.”