Survey: Flyers want clean bathrooms

According to a recent
TripAdvisor survey of more than 2,300 travelers worldwide, 35 percent of
respondents cited a clean and roomy bathroom as the most important comfort
feature on board a flight, while 27 percent selected a clean blanket or pillow
as their top priority.When asked what luxury they would be most likely to pay
for, comfort was crucial as 54 percent of respondents picked larger seats and
better legroom, and the second choice was a bed.
  It seems travelers are also health conscious. Bottled water was the most
valued complimentary food or beverage, and fruits and vegetables was the
second favorite option.  When it comes to entertainment on board, a video
screen at every seat was the most important feature, according to 47 percent
of travelers.
  British Airways serves the best food, according to the worldwide panel,
while Singapore Airlines was second for in-flight cuisine. American Airlines
was chosen for serving the worst food.  If travelers could select a restaurant
chain to cater their next flight, the top choice (19 percent) was the Panera
Bread Company. Travelers chose Starbucks (29 percent) as their favorite
in-flight coffee brand.
  When asked which airline offers the best amenities overall, British
Airways finished number one worldwide, followed by Virgin Atlantic and
Singapore Airlines.  Ryanair, Southwest and easyJet were named worst for
in-flight amenities.
  “Travelers aren’t asking for much. According to this survey, airlines
should forget about the latest bells and whistles and get back to the basics,
like clean bathrooms and comfortable seating,” said Michele Perry, director of
communications for TripAdvisor.