EOS offers money back guarantee

David Spurlock, Eos founder and chief executive officer and Dave Pottruck, Eos chairman, is inviting British Airways and Virgin Atlantic business travelers to experience the premium class airline with a special money back guarantee offer. Eos flies daily to New York and London. “With our unique single-class cabin and outstanding service, Eos has raised the bar for transatlantic business travel,” said Spurlock. “And our published fares are 27-40% lower than published business class fares found on British Airways and Virgin Atlantic to New York and London. We’re so confident that the Eos product is the best premium class service to these destinations that we’re offering a full refund if our guests are not satisfied. Once they travel us, we know we’ll likely see them again.”

The Eos invitation enables travelers who have flown at least 2 round-trips on either British Airways Club World or First Class, and/or Virgin Atlantic Upper Class in the past 6 months, to book a special $3,500 round trip fare for travel through May 26, 2006. This special fare for ‘first-time’ Eos guests includes a free car service and “refresher room” at the airport in London.

Launched nearly six months ago (October 18th), Eos features an industry- best 21 square feet of space per guest suite, or 40% more space than the average business class seat. With an available 6 1/2 foot-flat bed, and gourmet onboard catering, Eos delivers significant value to the transatlantic market with aggressive published fares.
Over ninety percent of existing Eos customers polled say they will likely fly the airline again, as it begins offering new airport services at London Stansted and New York’s JFK Airports. Eos customer feedback studies clearly indicate the airline is exceeding business traveler expectations and driving loyalty.
“We are pleased to see a growing load factor driven by very strong guest satisfaction scores and large corporate accounts responding well to the Eos value proposition,” said Spurlock.