US Airways livery is all smiles

US Airways has dedicated the first of its special ‘throwback’ aircraft complete with the famous smile painted on the front of the aircraft. The ‘throwback’ plane is painted in the style of Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) aircraft but with US Airways appearing on the fuselage.

Current US Airways employees, formerly with PSA, and hundreds of retired PSA employees, some even dressed in the airline’s unique and memorable uniforms of the past which included hot pants and go-go boots, will join with US Airways management to officially dedicate the aircraft at San Diego International Airport, the former home of PSA.

The aircraft registration, or tail number, of the PSA ‘throwback’ aircraft has been changed to reflect PSA’s original designator. US Airways aircraft N742US will now be N742PS. Other ‘throwback’ aircraft to appear later this year will also have their registration numbers changed to reflect the liveries they bear.

PSA began initial operations on May 6, 1949, flying a leased DC-3 aircraft with a seating capacity of 31 once a week, between San Diego and Oakland via Hollywood/Burbank. On May 29, 1987 PSA officially merged with USAir, which in 1997 changed its name to the present-day US Airways.

US Airways Chairman, President and CEO Doug Parker remarked, “Today we celebrate the past of one of the most distinctive airlines ever to take flight, PSA. Our PSA ‘throwback’ aircraft is dedicated to the current US Airways employees who joined our airline in 1987 when PSA merged with the former USAir, and who still exemplify the ‘catch our smile’ spirit today. Although many of our 35,000 dedicated employees may have begun their aviation careers with other airlines, our vast experience contributes to the single goal we share at the new US Airways: To create an airline that our customers enjoy flying on, and most importantly that our employees can be proud to be a part of.”