SAS expands SWISS cooperation

Following the arrival of SWISS to the Star Alliance, its and SAS’s timetables between Scandinavia and Switzerland will be coordinated and all flights will have both of the airline’s route numbers, on a code-share basis.

This week, cooperation between SAS and SWISS got off to an early start on the Bangkok-Singapore-Bangkok route. The timetable was optimized with good connections to Scandinavian Airlines’ departures to and from Bangkok.

Now when SWISS becomes an official member of Star Alliance, cooperation will be expanded to apply to all flights between the Scandinavian capitals and Geneva and Zurich in Switzerland. As a result, the companies’ customers will gain access to an increased number of departures. During weekdays, for example, there will be a total of six departures in each direction on the Copenhagen-Zurich route and four departures in each direction on the Stockholm-Zurich route.

Within the SAS Group, Blue1 and Spanair will also enter into code-share cooperation with SWISS during April.