Czech complete Airbus financing

Czech Airlines have signed all the necessary transaction documents for financing the new A320-200 aircraft, and have thus finished the stage of acquiring the first three medium-range A320 200 Airbuses. The aircraft will be financed through a 12-year financial leasing scheme, by a consortium consisting of BNP Paribas, Ceskoslovenská obchodn’ banka, a.s. and Natexis Transport Finance._ BNP Paribas and Natexis are leading banks specializing in financing aircraft, whereas CSOB is the leading bank in the Czech market. This consortium’s bid won last year’s tender, in which more than 20 prominent banks, financial and leasing companies participated. As is customary when procuring Airbus aircraft, the European export credit agencies, COFACE, EULER HERMES, and ECGD, have guaranteed 85 % of the total credit.
The first three aircraft will be delivered between March and May, as part of the overall and already approved acquisition of 12 planes of the A320 family.