Boingo expands to Indonesia, Thailand

Boingo Wireless, announced further expansion of its hot spot network in Indonesia and Thailand, including four key airports in the two countries. Boingo signed roaming agreements with Centrin Communications Ltd. for access to its hot spots on the islands of Indonesia, and with MilCom Systems for access to one of Thailand’s highest-profile hot spot networks.

With these agreements, the Boingo global network includes more than 3,700 hot spots in nine Asian countries including China/Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. Worldwide, the network includes 25,000 hot spots.

“Adding key airports in Indonesia and Thailand helps us round out our Asian Wi-Fi network at a time when business travel to Asia is growing dramatically,” said Allen Pan, Boingo’s director of network strategy for Asia-Pacific. “These agreements give Boingo customers access to desirable locations in Indonesia and Thailand, as we continue to pursue our goal of a ubiquitous network across Southeast Asia.”