bmi urges open skies approval

The EU transport council meeting in Brussels saw further progress towards approval of the EU-US open skies agreement and bmi has urged the United Kingdom and other member states not to be diverted from taking the final decisive step of approving the agreement later this year.Nigel Turner, chief executive officer of bmi, said: “We are one step
closer to opening up Heathrow to USA services to genuine competition. In
the coming months, member states will see the final details of the US
administration’s proposed change on foreign control of US airlines. This
should address once and for all those that have frustrated progress on
open skies on the grounds that they are denied investment and market
access opportunities in the US.

“This is an historic opportunity that must not be allowed to slip away.
It would enable bmi to serve the USA from our main operating base at
Heathrow. For far too long consumers have been deprived the benefit of
complete and genuine freedom and choice. They have been denied it by the
carriers who have been most vocal in attempts to remove the shackles of
the outdated and illegal Bermuda II agreement and who have for years
enjoyed a protected position at Heathrow.”