to show solar eclipse

On March 29 an eclipse will occur and the best view of the eclipse may be from their computer at total solar eclips will sweep across the Atlantic Ocean from northern South America past the tip of Southern Africa.

The EclipseLive team will be on location in Side, Turkey when this year’s solar eclipse passes the shores of the Mediterranean at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 29, Turkish Time (5:00am EST).

Images detailing the team’s travel experiences, educational outreach activities, and the astronomical event are available on and are being updated continuously throughout the expedition. Following the eclipse, a final summary presentation is assembled as a permanent archive of the event and is used during the solar science lessons taught to Heritage Elementary in Lake Worth, FL.

“For eight years, we’ve been traveling to view and film solar eclipses to make it accessible to a broad audience via the Internet. Our mission is sharing astronomy with the public,” said John W. Berryman, a physics and astronomy professor involved since the first excursion to Curcao, Netherlands Antilles in 1998. “This is a great team committed to bringing science education to life, and we are fortunate to have the support of the community as well as local sponsors like Hollander Home Fashions.”

As the primary sponsor, Hollander Home Fashions, a major manufacturer of basic and fashion bedding, will help pay for the costs required to provide the live broadcast. Also, Hollander’s Comfort Council Web site,, will link to to help spread the word.


“Our philosophy at Hollander is to help people Live comfortably(R),” said CEO Jeff Hollander. “I have a strong personal interest in astronomy and I’m very excited to help with this effort to engage people in stargazing as both a scientific and leisure activity. Stress relief is a core value at our company, and one that we always look for unique ways to promote and expand through our Comfort Council.”

The team on site in Turkey includes representatives from Appalachian State University and Watauga High School in Boone, North Carolina, Palm Beach Community College and Heritage Elementary in Lake Worth, FL. Professor Berryman will remain in Florida with colleagues at Palm Beach Community College to run outreach at local schools.