goes live now provides a low-cost flight search engine
enabling travellers to easily locate European budget airline routes.Travellers find it difficult to keep up with the rapid rate of change of the
budget airline industry, and with good reason.

Flycheapo’s automated
database tracks the flights of the 50 currently active European budget
airlines, including nearly 2300 routes to 287 destinations.

The re-launched site went live in February and builds on an earlier project
which grew to receive over 400,000 hits per month. It makes light work of
locating low-cost flights for both newcomers to budget flying and the most
savvy travellers. It has crept into the public subconscious that those who
book early get bargain fares. Busy travellers wanting the cheapest fares
can be among the first to book on new routes by following flycheapo’s
pan-European daily news and announcements. Visitors to the site can register
to receive a daily digest of news stories by e-mail, or they can opt to
subscribe by RSS* to receive the stories instantly, direct to their desktop.

A system for automatically tracking low-cost flights, both new and old,
powers flycheapo, ensuring the route database is constantly up to date.
“Modifications to the timetables of the airlines that we track are made
almost every hour of every day”, says Tom Betts, editor at flycheapo.
“Without having this flight monitoring system in place, the job of tracking
flight schedules would be highly labour intensive. In a true ‘low-cost’
style, we cut out that cost, and are able to provide this information free
to users”.

Further expansion is underway to include editorial and comment for low-cost
travellers. In the meantime, users can benefit from Europe’s most rapidly
updated guide to low-cost flying at