Resort developer takes action on global warming

Crystal Springs Builders in New Jersey is one of the first resort development company to address global warming by offsetting its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
Crystal Springs, who offers luxury homes and award winning golf course resorts in the Northeast, has a strong commitment to developing its properties in a sustainable manner.

“We’ve identified GHG emissions which stem from our business activity and realize that they contribute to global warming,” notes company CEO Andrew Mulvihill, “and we want to be proactive in addressing the issue while further establishing ourselves as an industry leader.”

Crystal Springs has been recognized for environmental excellence in the past. It’s Ballyowen Golf Club, for example, received designation as a “Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary” by the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System (ACSS), the educational division of Audubon International.

Distributed in North America by STI, MyClimate? is helping Crystal Springs to address the issue of global warming by ensuring that its operations are climate friendly. “This is by no means a first best solution,” states Peter D. Krahenbuhl, STI Co-founder and Vice President, “Reducing consumption, becoming more energy efficient and switching to renewable energy are the best options. But offsetting through MyClimate? is certainly a turn-key solution as it reduces emissions elsewhere that otherwise would have remained in the atmosphere.”

MyClimate? can be applied to energy consumption related emissions as well as air and land travel. And companies and people can neutralize their climate related impacts by purchasing a MyClimate? “ticket.” The money is then invested in climate-friendly renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that double as sustainable development projects in poor countries, which reduces an equivalent amount of emissions.


For example, travelers can neutralize the climate impact of a flight that emits one ton of GHG by purchasing a MyClimate? “ticket” for $16. This may be invested in solar ovens in South Africa, reducing the need to import diesel fuel that would emit the equivalent amount of emissions as the flight in question. The further reductions of GHG are additional to any that would occur in the absence of MyClimate? projects.

“Crystal Springs is setting an industry standard through MyClimate?” Krahenbuhl continues, “They are not only helping to neutralize their own global warming impacts, they are also raising awareness to homeowners and resort travelers across the nation.”